Is there really a trick to producing great work? I guess we’ll find out. Keep reading.

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The word “Consistency” is probably one of the most used words I have heard since I got into tech. Consistency is simply doing the same thing over and over and you get better each time.

According to the 10 thousand hour rule, it takes 10,000 hours to be a master or prodigy in something; which makes a lot of sense. But between me and you, we don’t have that much time, do we?

If you’re like me trying to transition into a new field…

Photo by Zuri
Photo by Team Zuri

Hi guys,

In this article, I would be sharing week 1 of the Zuri training and how it’s going so far. Zuri Training in collaboration with Ingressiveforgood is a platform that is helping people who want to go into tech, break into tech through various fields like Front-end, Backend and UI/UX Design. The best part of Zuri is you get this training for free. This is the biggest tech training in Africa, training more than 17,000 people remotely/virtually.

Congratulatory Mail

On the 14th of March, I got a coagulatory mail of my acceptance into the Zuri Training. My journey into the transition…

For the first class of the internship, we were taught design thinking, how to apply design thinking to solve users’ problem


A Company has reached out to your (your team) to create a solution to aid their users' order food online.
Using the design thinking approach, walk me through how you intend to create the solution.


Step1, Understanding the brief.

The step is to understand the clients brief, then the problem they're trying to solve and business goals after having a one on one with relevant parties involved.

Step2, Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is an iterative process in…

Ade-Otoki Daniel

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