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My Zuri Journey — Week 1

Ade-Otoki Daniel
3 min readMar 22, 2021


Hi guys,

In this article, I would be sharing week 1 of the Zuri training and how it’s going so far. Zuri Training in collaboration with Ingressiveforgood is a platform that is helping people who want to go into tech, break into tech through various fields like Front-end, Backend and UI/UX Design. The best part of Zuri is you get this training for free. This is the biggest tech training in Africa, training more than 17,000 people remotely/virtually.

Congratulatory Mail

On the 14th of March, I got a coagulatory mail of my acceptance into the Zuri Training. My journey into the transition into tech has begun. I was excited

Instructions were given to join the slack workspace, set up our profile and introduced ourselves.

I followed all instructions and arrived at the workspace meeting 676 people already and almost a thousand messages. I was excited about this new journey.

Introductions and Orientation

Day 2 kicked off with Mark welcoming us, telling us how to navigate the workspace and what to expect from the training. He also encouraged to make friends and be respectful to one and another and also have fun while keeping our eyes on the goal.

At 3 pm, a link was dropped to join the first orientation webinar. We were introduced to the mentors and founder of Zuri. Towards the end, we had a Q and A. The orientation ran all through the first week.


As the shy person that I am, I find it really hard to make friends but this time I was determined to make friends because I probably won’t be able to learn on my own.

The first attempt was a disaster, got zero replies from folks. I tried again the following day and got a reply, we spoke and introduced ourselves and turns out we come from the same place (Southern Part of Nigeria) this was it, I made a new friend.

I also invited some of my friends to join the training and we are moving together.

Track and Courses

Zuri Training has three tracks — Front-end, Backend and UI/UX Design and each track have courses matched with it.

I signed up for the design track on the LMS dashboard used to the programme which has been introduced to us during the orientation. Though we are allowed to try other tracks before registration just to be sure what path we want to follow.


Tasks would be given in every track and the first task was to write an article about our experience so far- Which is this article.

All tasks must be done and submitted before a two weeks deadline and you get extra points for submitting on time.

Take Away

So far the training is going well, the mentors have been really graceful with answering questions and guiding us. Members of the training are also doing their part by adhering to the rules of the training and having fun.

Game nights are always fun, we get asked questions and win cash prizes got getting it right and on time.

Resources are provided to get us started and prepared for the upcoming class and projects.

The training so far has surpassed my expectation as it is well organized and structured. Bravo to the team Zuri. I can’t well to tell you guys about week two, till then whatever it is you want to do, DO IT!



Ade-Otoki Daniel

Kon'nichiwa, I’m Otoki, a Product designer and Webflow developer with over 3 years of experience. Big interest in Fintech and Formula 1.